Unique and Inimitable

The digital safer system for Counterfeitness, Traceability, Customers Engagement and more


Younivocal is the award-winning innovative technological tool, within the Changemakers competition for Expo Milano 2015, among the 10 most innovative ideas and with an international patent.

Younivocal is an interactive, unique and not reproducible label that communicates with devices equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, now present in almost all smartphones and tablets, using a specific App. This label is associated to a certificate of Digital Signature and is therefore not falsifiable and not reproducible, becoming a real elettronic passport of product. It is very simple to use: just start the app, hold the device to the NFC product and read what appears on the display of your device.



With the technology of the digital signature, the customer, thanks to Younivocal, have the confidence to have purchased an original product. At the same time, the brand is able to eliminate fake products and to intercept everything that is entered into the circulation from the parallel market


Younivocal is an effective system to discourage theft. The Brand will ask to enter in a black list every single label of lost or stolen products. In case these products will be placed surreptitiously in the market, a buyer, during the interaction with the label Younivocal, will be notified of the problem and will report, in a totally anonymous, with a simple click, the geographic location of the place where the App has detected the problem.

Customers Engagement

Younivocal allows innovative communication and marketing strategies, promoting the enagagement of consumers through interactive and multimedia content displayed on the device. Younivocal allows Brand to:

  • Communicate directly with the consumer by providing detailed information about each product.
  • Launch new promotional campaigns in real time.
  • Acquire loyal customers through social networks.